Author: Felton Xenox Inting

NC#2022-0393-2022-0108-PR2022-0275 Procurement of Various Ingredients and Kitchenwares for the use during the Integrated Livelihood Program of Kabuhayan for ELCAC Beneficiaries by the Bohol Employment & Placement Office – Public Employment Service Office, New Capitol Building, Tagbilaran City

2022-0108-PR2022-0275-1Download 2022-0108-PR2022-0275-2Download 2022-0108-PR2022-0275-3Download 2022-0108-PR2022-0275-4Download 2022-0108-PR2022-0275-5Download

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NC#2022-0398-2022-0130-PR2022-0320 Procurement to Hire Third Party Certification Body to Assess the Effectiveness of the EMS Implementation of the PGBh in Conformance to the Requirements of ISO14001:2015 Standard for the Environment Management System of the Bohol Provincial Environment Management Office, New Capitol Building, Tagbilaran City

2022-0130-PR2022-0320-1Download 2022-0130-PR2022-0320-2Download

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