Purchase of Lubricants & Oils for Mitsubishi Strada with Plate No. SKN 810, SKN 820, SKN 830, SKN 840, 7C0CL0005, &AA-641, Mits. Pajero 7AC-360, CROSSWIND SJC-472, MULTICAB SGT-641, 651, CHAINSAW, GRASSCUTTER AD MOTORCYCLES ASSIGNED AT THE PROVINCIAL ENGINEER’S OFFICE with Negotiated Canvass No. 17-0502 is hereby awarded as the Bidder with the Lowest Calculated and Responsive Bid to JAN SURPLUS CENTER with a Contract Price equivalent to Fifty – Nine Thousand Two Hnndred Nineteen Pesos Only (P 59,219.00) with a delivery period of Fifteen (15) Days upon receipt of Notice to Proceed

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